Rugged Elegance

Rugged Elegance

I spent a long time to communicate with this ‘naughty’ stone. When I looked at it I felt helpless, because of I did not know what it wants to be. Interestingly, once a hazy Saturday noon, I completed this wearable art smoothly at a car repair shop when I left my car there for regular maintenance:- Rugged elegance style with a long lasting look!

Sunstone is a joyful stone, it is linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra, it restores life’s sweetness and helps you to value and nurture yourself. It helps us align to our Divinity, enabling us to feel self worth, enhances leadership qualities, decreases stress and depression, promotes positive thinking and attitude. It brings good luck and abundance, turns negative energies and psychic attacks into positive energies.


Tree of Life

Labradorite Pendant by EveCh

This earthy tree of life pendant is wrapped of antique bronze wire that I wrapped around labradorite gemstone to form the ancient tree of life symbol. Labradorite has a colorful flashes, displaying hues from blue to green at different angles. It is considered by mystics to be a stone of transformation and magic, radiates a predominant blue crystal energy that stimulates the Throat Chakra, the voice of the body.

Tree of Life symbolizes you are a child of the Universe. You have the right to exist. You have the responsibility to grow to be yourself.

Love At First Sight

Rose Quartz Donut 02

This lovely piece of Rose Quartz donut pendant is a reserved item.

I created a double-sided impression.The stone is known as the love stone, helping a person to feel a strong sense of self-worth. It is said to aid peacefulness and calm in relationships.

Every single piece of stone has its own ‘personality’. They always tell you how do they want to be looked like, they can help you with things you feel need some improvement, or enhance those unique qualities that make you special and get you feeling good about yourself.

That is why making jewelry gives me lots of pleasure and satisfaction!

Rose Quartz Donut 01



I knew nothing about Atlantisite stone until I work on this beautiful piece. I name it ‘Joyce’ after a ‘deep conversation’ with it. It looks like a present, gives people feeling of happiness and pleasant.

Atlantisite, a combination of Serpentine and Stichtite, it blends together the properties of both these minerals. It is a stone for understanding and forgiveness. It balances mood swings, promoting a more relaxed attitude towards life. It work on the Heart Chakra, enhancing our sense and feeling of security. It provides comfort for those living alone.


Ventura 02

This piece is handcrafted and unique – wire wrapped by my hand!

Green Aventurine releases old patterns, habits and disappointments so new growth can take place. It is a stone of prosperity and abundance in helping bring you fortune and good luck. It corresponds to heart chakra.